Chiang Mai with a Baby

Written by: Mama Bea , 04 Oct 2018

Chiang Mai was the second destination of our 3 month tour around SE Asia and we stayed there for 6 days. After a few hectic days in Bangkok, Chiang Mai was the perfect place to chill out and slow down the pace. We also stayed at one of our favourite Airbnbs ever! Although we had noted down quite a few places we would like to visit whilst in Chiang Mai, we loved our Airbnb so much we ended up spending a lot of time there and with our amazing hosts. We occupied a room which was full of toys and situated above a Toys Club cafe, also run by our hosts, where we could grab a coffee and play some retro video games whenever we fancied. Our hosts were also kind enough to take us out a couple of times to some of the lesser known spots in Chiang Mai. We shared some beautiful meals with them whilst Roscoe was able to play with their young daughter. We did go out a few times on our own to see some of the more famous sights in Chiang Mai, which mostly involved impressive temples and bustling markets. We particularly loved exploring the night markets after a eating a meal by the river. The atmosphere is very chill in Chiang Mai and we really enjoyed partaking in such a slow pace of life for a few days, it was relaxing, refreshing and overall a fantastic place to visit with small children. We will be heading back in the future for sure. Check the second episode of my travel vlog below with some of the highlights from our time in Chiang Mai. Hope you enjoy watching and look out for where we're headed to next by following @exploringwithmamabea.

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