Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City with a Baby

Written by: Mama Bea , 29 Oct 2018

I had no reason for doing a separate vlog featuring our time in each of Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City apart from the fact I didn't find the time to do them individually. I think the whole travelling full time with a baby thing really got the better of us over the last couple of weeks. So here is a mix match of footage from Hoi An old town, An Bang beach, Ho Chi Minh city and some of our wonderful budget homestays.

Hoi An old town, such a magical and beautiful place, if slightly too touristy. We spent most of our time in the Hoi An roasteries getting our caffeine fix, but we also bought some clothes made to measure from one of their famous tailoring shops and had a great time just playing in the pool at our homestay (our first pool during our entire SE Asia trip). I am going to write a separate blog post about getting clothes made in Hoi An at some point, as it is very much the touristy thing to do there and you can be very easily ripped off, but that is a different tale for a different time.

After leaving Hoi An we headed to the nearest beach village, An Bang. Here we stayed in the cutest little homestay situated underneath a dense curtain of coconut trees and just 1 minute's walk from the beach. We had such a lovely weekend swimming by the sea and sipping fresh coconuts.

Our final destination to end our month in Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh city, drastically different from the breezy, sunshine beach of An Bang, we were met with a tropical storm when we hit HCMC. Here we visited lots of museums, many coffee shops and a surprising number of playgrounds. HCMC has so many awesome playgrounds and green spaces, the perfect place to disconnect from the fast-paced city.

The 5th episode of our travel vlog series is linked below, hope you enjoy watching and thanks for reading. Check out my instagram @exploringwithmamabea to see where we're headed to next!

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